JANUARY 16, 2019 – JANUARY 29, 2020


Top Reasons to Shop at the Co-op

We source from local producers.

  • Locally grown food looks better, tastes better and is better for you.  Produce is harvested at its peak of ripeness and is transported a relatively short distance to our market.
  • Locally produced food supports local farmers, producers, and other small business owners. We are contributing to a vibrant economy that can help provide employment and and economic growth for ourselves, our friends and neighbors.

We are strong stewards of the environment.

  • We strive to minimize waste in all of its forms and to offer only sustainably- sourced food.

We believe in community – our community.

  • We live here. We work here.  We raise our families here.
  • Urban Greens offers nutritious, affordable food that is culturally inclusive and supportive of local food production.  Good for you. Good for us.
  • Urban Greens sells products that you want and need.  Let us know. We are responsive to your requests.
  • Informed consumers are the linchpin of a strong and vital community.  We foster dialogue about where our food comes from, the choices we make as consumers, and the many benefits of buying local, sustainably-sourced products.

We buy local, but think global.

  • Because what we buy, where we buy, and how we buy impacts so much more than what we eat.
  • Through our hiring and training practices, we develop local skills for local residents.
  • Through our adherence to our mission and goals, our business practices and the community’s social goals are strongly linked.
  • Through our member-owner structure, we move away from an emphasis on short term profits towards one of service to the community
  • We empower all to “vote” for a more human-centric economy with our dollars.