Board Minutes and Records

Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from board meetings are available through the below linked Google Drive folders. Meeting minutes are generally approved at the following month’s board, after which they will be uploaded to the linked folder. The board’s approach to minutes is guided by the minute taking principles outlined in this Columinate resource.

Annual Member Meeting Records

Each year the Board holds an annual meeting to report to co-op owners on the state of the co-op.
2021 Annual Meeting
The 2021 Annual Meeting to report on 2020 was delayed until June 2021, due to ongoing challenges caused by COVID-19. Documentation for the 2021 Annual meeting, including video recording, slides, Minutes (with Q & A follow up), and a 2020 Financial Snapshot will all be linked below once available.
2020 Annual Meeting
The 2020 Annual Meeting to report on 2019 was delayed due to the impact of COVID-19 on both the store, and the planning process. Documentation for the 2020 Annual meeting, including video recording, slides, Q & A follow up, and additional informational resources are all linked below.