Urban Greens Co-op Market is looking for a Prepared Foods Manager!

Do you love food and enjoy cooking with natural ingredients? Urban Greens Co-op is seeking a talented team leader with experience running a food production kitchen or similar restaurant experience. This is a great opportunity for someone who has mastered the basics and is looking to embrace their creativity and the potential to grow with the business. The successful candidate will maintain the functionality of the self-service hot bar, salad bar, and meals to go offerings, and will be able to use this platform to introduce new recipes and their own exciting food creations to the public. Does this sound like you? If so please see the job description below and contact us at


Purpose: To oversee the successful operation of the prepared foods department, including hot bar, salad bar, and refrigerated prepared meals to go. Catering potential.

Status:  Reports to General Manager

Supervises Kitchen Staff, Hot Bar Cooks, Dishwasher, Prep Cooks, Cheese Buyer



  1. Select, prepare, and supervise deli staff in preparing, deli offerings to provide both variety and consistency.
  2. Research and develop new recipes.
  3. Establish procedures for pricing dishes to meet margin goals, and for marking down items to reduce losses.
  4. Ensure accurate up-to-date records of cost of preparing deli items.
  5. Ensure prompt, friendly, courteous customer service.


  1. Plan attractive displays with uniform signage; ensure displays are fully stocked and rotated to ensure freshness.
  2. Visit other delis for price comparisons, ideas for displays and products.
  3. Oversee Cheese Buyer in providing wide variety of cheese in fully stocked, attractive, accurately signed displays. Assign deli staff hours to ensure full supply of cut and wrapped cheeses.
  4. Ensure accurate, up-to-date price labeling of deli items.
  5. Provide product information for customers and staff.
  6. Attend Marketing Team meetings to plan promotions, cross-merchandising and advertising.

PURCHASING (For deli products produced outside)

  1. Negotiate with suppliers for favorable prices, terms, quality, delivery of cheese and deli items.
  2. Evaluate suppliers and investigate new sources of supply.
  3. Receive orders, or ensure proper receiving by deli staff.
  4. Coordinate returns and credit from suppliers where applicable.
  5. Review invoices for accuracy, properly code inventory categories, and pass to bookkeeping for payment.


  1. Ensure food prep and display areas are maintained in sanitary, orderly condition meeting health department standards.
  2. Ensure proper storage and labeling procedures.
  3. Participate in periodic inventory counts.
  4. Ensure adequate amounts of deli supplies.
  5. Maintain department equipment in working order. Research and recommend major equipment repair or replacement.

PERSONNEL–for Kitchen Staff, Cooks, Dishwasher/Prep Cooks, Assistant Manager, Cheese Buyer:

  1. Hire qualified applicants following established policy.
  2. Ensure on-the-job training.
  3. Conduct performance evaluations.
  4. Recommend pay increases within department budget.
  5. Take disciplinary action as needed following established policy.
  6. Schedule hours for deli department within payroll allocation, and review time cards.
  7. Organize department meetings.


  1. Perform other tasks assigned by General Manager.
  2. Participate in setting sales and margin goals for department.
  3. Review departmental financial reports, (sales, labor, margin, turns) and take corrective action as needed.
  4. Attend Management Team meetings.


  • Experience running restaurant, food service, catering or deli.
  • Familiarity with natural foods.
  • Experience serving the public.
  • Communications skills–good listener, clear instructions.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple demands.
  • Concrete ideas for how to operate a food service program at the co-op.
  • Supervisory experience–hiring, training, evaluating, directing.
  • Ability to read financial statements, (and/or a firm grasp of margin pricing)
  • Regular, predictable attendance.