Membership Info & Application

Why Join?

You don’t need to be a member to shop at Urban Greens, but there are many reasons why you should join us!

  • Ownership over your food source – the members of the co-op are the owners.
  • Vote on major initiatives and board elections.
  • Support local and sustainable food
    production: keep your food dollars in your own community.
  • Special request items you want us to carry making the co-op your one stop shop!
  • Work together to build a more equitable city.
  • Special programming to support our community.
  • Access to healthy organic food at reasonable prices.
  • Know your farmers.
  • Option to buy food by the case and a receive discount.
  • A super members-only perk – double coupons!
  • Save on your whole grocery shop 1x per month. Even more if you qualify for FFA.