Why Join?

YOU DON’T NEED to be a member to shop at Urban Greens, but there are many reasons why YOU SHOULD join us!  

As a cooperative, we strive for democracy, openness, community engagement and social responsibility.  We are guided by the International Co-operative Alliance’s Seven Cooperative Principles: 1. Voluntary and Open Membership, 2. Democratic Member Control, 3. Member Economic Participation, 4. Autonomy and Independence, 5. Education, Training, and Information,  6. Cooperation among Cooperatives, 7. Concern for Community.  Simply by joining, you are adding your voice for a more wholesome, just, and fair economy!

And… if this is not reason enough… as a member you will be able to:

  • Have ownership over your food source – the members of the co-op are the owners of the market
  • Vote on major co-op initiatives and board elections
  • Access to healthy food at reasonable prices
  • Take advantage of special member-only sales
  • Have the option to buy food by the case (really cheap!)
  • Support local and sustainable food production – keep your food dollars in your own community
  • Fulfill the community’s need for a complete grocery store

Why Sign Up Now?

We want your voice to count.  Every Urban Greens member helps determine what, when, and how we buy and sell to the community. And your membership sends a strong message to friends and neighbors that they too join and have equal influence.

Most importantly, your membership dollars (along with our other 1000+ members and growing) show that,  with enduring community engagement and financial support, we CAN become the reach and sustain our powerful vision of providing “nutritious, affordable food that is sustainably sourced, culturally inclusive, and supportive of local food”.  Become a founding member, give us your input, and spread the word – your support makes all the difference!

Membership Options

  • The full one-time cost of a member share is $160, which can be paid in full or $40/year over 4 years.
  • We also offer the option to purchase a low-income member share, which reduces the cost to just $80, paid in full or $10/year over 8 years.

Because we are in the start-up phase, we are asking all new member-owners to pay for as much of their share up front as possible. All member-owners will have equal rights from their first payment. Those who wish to further support the co-op may purchase multiple shares, but their rights and benefits will not change in any way.

Each share purchased will cover a primary adult, a secondary adult (e.g. spouse or room mate), as well as all dependent children. Up to three additional adults may be named to use the account for an additional fee of $10/year per person.

Membership is also open to organizations and businesses. A designated representative must be defined as the primary share owner.