Making memberships affordable to people receiving financial assistance.

Urban Greens’ first guiding value says in part, “Every person, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserves access to healthy, affordable food that is produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.” This is the reason we created the Food for All program.

  • How does it work? It starts with a reduced price on membership. We offer the option to purchase a low-income member share, which reduces the cost to just $80, paid in full or $10/year over 8 years.
  • You receive a discount on all of your purchases at Urban Greens Co-op Market.
  • Who is eligible for Food for All? • Any person who currently
    receives WIC or SNAP, or receives other financial assistance. • Simply click here or ask at Urban Greens for the application, fill it out, and show us your current membership card and your qualified documents. Your discount can start that very day.
  • How does Urban Greens fund this program? In part, with our ROUND UP AT THE REGISTER program. When our
    customers check out at our registers, cashiers will ask them if they would like to round up for good. For example
    if their order comes to $4.50 and they choose to round up, they would donate 50 cents to the Food-For-All program. Of course, anyone can donate more if they are able.