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Membership Options

  • The full one-time cost of a member share is $160, which can be paid in full or $40/year over 4 years.
  • We also offer the option to purchase a low-income member share, which reduces the cost to just $80, paid in full or $10/year over 8 years. (Download the Membership Form for more details about member shares)

Because we are in the start-up phase, we are asking all new member-owners to pay for as much of their share up front as possible. All member-owners will have equal rights from their first payment. Those who wish to further support the co-op may purchase multiple shares, but their rights and benefits will not change in any way.

Each share purchased will cover a primary adult, a secondary adult (e.g. spouse or room mate), as well as all dependent children. Up to three additional adults may be named to use the account for an additional fee of $10/year per person.

Membership is also open to organizations and businesses. A designated representative must be defined as the primary share owner.


Why Sign Up Today?

Building community support through member equity puts us in a position to get the necessary financial backing to open the market. Become a founding member and when the market opens, you will know that you were truly one of the ones who made it possible.

Although you won't need to be a member-owner to shop at Urban Greens Food Co-op, here are some reasons why becoming a member is the perfect idea for you and your family:

  • Ownership over your food source - the members of the co-op are the owners of the market
  • Vote on major initiatives and board elections
  • Access to healthy organic food at reasonable prices
  • Special member-only sales
  • Option to buy food by the case (really cheap!)
  • Option to volunteer in the store to get even more discounts
  • Support local and sustainable food production - keep your food dollars in your own community
  • Fulfill the community's need for a complete grocery store

If you have any questions about joining the co-op, send us an email.


Join Online   OR   Join by Mail