November 26, 2023

Dear Co-op Community,

I wanted to take a moment here in this season of gratitude and togetherness to thank the Urban Greens community for welcoming me and my family. Urban Greens is a co-op with a short but challenging history, opening right before a global pandemic hit, and the following economic fallout and changes to everyday life that we’ve dealt with since. I’d say the fact that this co-op community has been able to successfully navigate these past four years, with doors open and a growing, enthusiastic customer base is a testament to our strength, and potential for growth and success.

I wanted to come here to Urban Greens because of this potential, to be a part of helping us to put the pieces together that will take us to the next level as a co-op. The pieces are all here, from our already-mentioned customers to a phenomenally dedicated and caring staff who I see go above and beyond every day. I’m grateful to our Board of Directors for trusting me with this challenge, and for the work we have begun together.

My tenure here kicked off with a party in October as we came together to celebrate the beautiful new Fairtrade mural adorning our outside wall. Among the music, delicious food sampling and inspiring speeches on that day, I was able to see clearly who we already are and a vision for how we can continue to grow as a co-op store and community. That day was a celebration of food, and of community, both local and global. My vision was seeing this as a place for us to come together and celebrate every day, a celebration of food and of community.

This project and the planning for the event all pre-dated me, led by our Interim GM and current Finance Manager Joe Doura and our Leadership Team and staff. The job they have all done over the last two years to build the foundation for our future success is another thing I am truly grateful for as I step into my new role.

Thank you all again, here’s to a warm and happiest of holiday seasons, celebrating together.

In cooperation,


it's giving thanks. A cornucopia.

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