October 6, 2023

Mural depicting Cocoa Farmer Bengaly Bourama by AGONZA Photo by HAUS PVD

There's a Beautiful Mural on our Store!

Subject: Cocoa farmer Bengaly Bourama; Artist: AGONZA; Photo by HAUS PVD

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-We’re having an ice cream social on Oct 21 to CELEBRATE Fairtrade Month and our new MURAL!

-Sign up for a drawing AND enter a free giveaway!

-Read about Fairtrade Month

-LEARN about the reason behind our mural, the subject, the brand sponsor, and the artist.

We are beyond excited to announce a monumental community event this October, Fairtrade Month.

In partnership with Fairtrade America, we have installed a powerful mural on the side of our building – a portrait of a farmer – Bengaly Bourama from Cote D’Ivoire – in the Fairtrade system. This work of art – by local artist AGONZA – symbolizes our community’s commitment to understanding the human stories behind the products we consume daily.

Event Details:
🌾 Fairtrade Month Mural Unveiling & Celebration with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Trucks, music and more!
🗓 October 21, 2023

🕒 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

📍 Urban Greens – 93 Cranston Street, Providence

We’d love to have you be part of the celebration because of the value you bring to the community and our neighborhood. This event isn’t merely an unveiling, but a platform to celebrate, learn, and engage with the community and the people behind our food. We’re inviting our co-op members and the wider community to come out and have a great time.

The unveiling of this mural is not just the highlight of Fairtrade Month; it’s a beacon of our community’s values and an acknowledgment of the vital role farmers play in the Fairtrade system. We believe this event can create lasting impressions and drive deeper connections with our community.

Let’s come together and celebrate the spirit of Fairtrade Month! We look forward to promoting community, celebrating farmers from everywhere, and praising the importance of the role small business makes in all communities.

Check the official Fairtrade Americas news release here.

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Read about Fairtrade, the artist, the inspo..

“We Are Fairtrade” is a celebration of millions of individuals worldwide working together for trade justice. It encourages consumers to make Fairtrade part of their daily lives by choosing Fairtrade products, attending events, and spreading the word.

For more information on the ‘We Are Fairtrade’ campaign, please visit WeAreFairtrade.org
Join us in celebrating a global movement to rebalance trade and support farmers and workers around the world.

October is #FairtradeMonth!

We are partnering with @FairtradeMarkUS to create a world where farmers like Bengaly Bourama can thrive. Bengaly is a farmer with COOBADI, a Fairtrade certified cocoa cooperative in Côte d’Ivoire. After studying human resource management at university, Bengaly became a cocoa farmer at the suggestion of his father. It was also a great way to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit. He produces cocoa that goes into Fairtrade certified products like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

Supporting a fairer deal for farmers like Bengaly is the heart of what we do at Urban Greens, and we are inspired by Bengaly’s commitment to environmental stewardship, his community and his work. And now his story is on display! In honor of Fairtrade Month, Bengaly is featured in Providence, RI in a beautiful new mural by AGONZA (@‌AGONZAART) made in partnership with @FairtradeMarkUS, @‌UrbanGreensCoopMarket and @‌BenAndJerrys. If you’re nearby, be sure to check it out!

Regardless of whether or not you can enjoy this beautiful, new mural in-person, remember that when we choose products with Fairtrade certified chocolate, we are doing our part–as brands, farmers, grocers and shoppers–to realize a world where farmers and workers have an equal seat at the table. Together, we can make this vision a reality. Together, #WeAreFairtrade.

Save the Date. Oct 21 1-4pm text over orange painted wall
AGONZA painting her mural high up on a lift
AGONZA strategizing, hands pressed together against her chin.
Paintbrushes in a neon green cup
Bengaly Bourama in front of stacks of sacks of cocoa

Bengaly Bourama

Photo credit: Hussein Makke

Farmer: Bengaly Bourama is a farmer with COOBADI, a Fairtrade certified cocoa cooperative in Côte d’Ivoire. He hails from Mali and studied human resource management while at university there. Upon completion of his studies, he encountered a familiar dilemma–what to do next. His father pitched cocoa farming to him, noting that it was a profitable alternative to “just wandering around, doing endless internship[s]”–plus, it was an opportunity for entrepreneurship, an idea that agreed with Bengaly. So, he settled in Côte d’Ivoire, ready to attend trainings, craft a business plan and cultivate cocoa.

Cocoa beans in hands

Ben & Jerry


Brand: Ben & Jerry’s mission aligns with Fairtrade’s commitment to bring together people, businesses, farmers and more to see a more just and equitable society. The brand takes pride in crafting the finest ice cream in the most compassionate manner possible. In 2005, Ben & Jerry’s was the first ice cream maker in the world to use Fairtrade certified ingredients and since 2020 has supported a living income approach for farmers. Ben & Jerry’s is also supporting Bengaly’s cooperative, COOBADI, in their share tree planting initiative.

Artist AGONZA in front of her mural

AGONZA & mural

Photo credit: HAUS PVD

AGONZA painting a mural up on a lift
AGONZA up high, detail

Photo credit: HAUS PVD

Artist: AGONZA is a Latina Artist born in Providence RI. Her biological mother was born in Puerto Rico and her father was born in the Dominican Republic. She spent her childhood in the Manton Heights Projects with her grandmother. From the ages of 9-17, her family kept her living in the Dominican Republic with family friends. AGONZA then returned to the US and finished high school with all AP courses at Feinstein High. She then attended the University of Rhode Island and graduated in 2015 with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in theater design. In her early years of muralism, she juggled multiple jobs. Although maintained employment working in human resources from 2014 while still pursuing painting.

In 2020 AGONZA was Breaking News in Providence RI for the George Floyd and Brianna Taylor BLM protest. Where businesses began boarding up their storefronts due to riots. AGONZA was one of the first artists to paint on boarded-up windows to demonstrate her solidarity with the Nation and encourage peace. She then made history in Providence RI by being the first to complete 2 exterior wall murals side by side in 2021 in Providence housing as a child who grew up in these projects. As well as being a part of a 6 BIPOC artist team to create the largest mural in Rhode island. She continues to use her knowledge of social work and her personal life to connect with her community. She shares all her artwork via social media Platforms mostly on INSTAGRAM, known as @AGONZAART.

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