For starters, we’d like to thank all of our valued owners, loyal customers, farmers, and suppliers.


Effective immediately, we are reserving the last hour of every day (7-8pm) for only our elder and immunocompromised shoppers. We think this is a great idea since other stores are doing an early morning hour, this offers another opportunity to make sure you’re stocked up. 

Please come shop the store from 8am-6:45pm if you are not in that sensitive category to allow people some peace of mind for a safer shopping experience. 

In conjunction with that, we are allowed only a certain number of people in the store at one time. This means we will have a person at the door officiating head counts and helping answer questions (from a safe distance) while you wait your turn to enter (from a safe distance).  


Stocking of the store will now take place from 6pm and after hours to allow for more shoppers during open hours, and allow safer distancing for our staff to get their work done in a timely fashion. 

Order of Traffic

Upon entry, you now have 2 options. 

1- turn right into the produce area and start your shopping adventure.  We’ve moved pastry and bread to the re-purposed hot bar. You’ll also find pre-assembled salads, and comforting meals safely prepared in our kitchen.

2- go straight ahead to the freezer area and start in the cold zone.  wind your way around and keep your distance from people. We are in this together. No one will be offended by a 6ft. apart conversation. 

Ready to go?

You now get in line near the furthest aisle from the entrance… by the ice cream! Line up where we previously had our cafe tables, along the windows. When it’s your turn, place your items at the checkout counter and the cashier will do the rest. They will bag your items and you will pay and exit. 

Anyone in store will be happy to answer any questions.