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Member Discount: Save on Compost Pickup with Harvest Cycle by Sol Chariots Pedicab Cooperative

Are you looking for a way to put your food scraps to good use? Bring them full-cycle with the Harvest Cycle Compost Pickup program!


They collect your food scraps by bicycle--no fossil fuels necessary--and deliver them to a local urban farm or garden! Harvest Cycle is proud to partner with Sidewalk Ends Farm to bring food scraps full-cycle at their farm in the West End neighborhood.

Urban Greens members who sign up for a 6 month subscription will receive an introductory 20% discount for the full 6 months! Or sign up for 1 month to give it a shot, and you'll still be eligible for the 6 month discount!

Convenient pickup

The compost pedaling team will pick up your compost twice a month from your house and will provide a 5-gallon bucket with a lid to collect your veggie scraps.

No mess for you

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Urban Greens Food Co-op is currently hiring for the following position:


General Manager, Urban Greens Food Co-op, Providence, RI


Urban Greens Food Co-­op, a consumer-owned grocery store startup located in Providence, RI, seeks a General Manager (GM) to oversee both the final stages of the startup process, and store operations once open.

The GM position represents an exciting opportunity to take a leading role in opening the only consumer-owned grocery store in Providence.. The diversity of the surrounding population--as well as the current lack of local food choices in retail groceries in Rhode Island--positions the Co-op to take on a leading role within the state by both increasing the availability of local foods, and promoting culturally appropriate healthy food choices.

Urban Greens has secured a location, is currently in the process of securing its remaining finances and is working with industry experts on the store design. Target opening is Fall 2017 in a mixed-use development that will include affording housing, located just west of downtown Providence, where 3 economically, culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhoods come together (Federal Hill, the West End, and Upper South Providence).


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Food Access and Cultural Inclusion

     From the rise of farm-to-table restaurants to the frequency of farmer's markets in cities across the country, the local food movement has expanded significantly in recent years. In states throughout the country, nonprofit organizations and small businesses are working hard to decrease food miles and provide an alternative to corporate food. However, these organizations and businesses often struggle to effectively address issues of access and cultural diversity. Rachel Slocum, an environmental justice advocate, has noted, “In alternative food practice is the possibility to make food production more ecologically sustainable, just and humane and, more broadly, to enable thinking about ethical relations. But community food efforts currently also enable an intimacy that results in collective sadness because it is based on the closeness of similar people.” The plethora of organizations, individuals, and businesses that comprise Rhode Island's local food infrastructure have done incredible work to increase access to healthy, local foods and support small-scale farmers and food producers. However, many of these markets, restaurants, and small businesses have been slow to address the needs of underserved and underrepresentative communities.  

     Here at Urban Greens one of our seven guiding values is Equal Access, which we define as: “Every person, regardless of economic or social status, deserves access to healthy, affordable food that is also culturally relevant and produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.” Urban Greens is dedicated to prioritizing local sourcing, and we are excited to work with farmers and producers in Rhode Island. At the same time, Urban Greens will be a full-scale grocery store commited to offering products that are representative of the diverse cultures and traditions in the state. As a large scale buyer, Urban Greens will be able to incentivize local farmers to diversify their product selection and experiment with different crops in order to better meet the needs of communities in West and South Providence.

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Recipe: My Chef Lara's Rote Grütze!


If you want a dish that screams summer time this is the one! This is a summer time staple dessert in Germany, and takes advantage of the fresh berries of the season. The flavors of the berries comes out loud and clear, and while this is definitely a dessert, it is not overly sweet. Enjoy the flavors of summer!


Rote Grütze (German Red Fruit Pudding)



Yield: 6


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