This campaign is not currently active.

Below is a record of our past campaign!

A unique way to earn a return on investment and support your community.

Your Store Your Investment – Let’s Keep it Growing

Urban Greens Co-op Market is open for business! After years of hard work and dedication, with a full staff on board, and support from member-owners like you, Urban Greens Co-op Market opened its doors at 93 Cranston Street in June 2019!

We need your support to help us fulfill our mission, by investing where it matters–feeding your families with healthy food, supporting your local farmers and producers, and working toward a robust and sustainable Rhode Island food economy.

To request a copy of the offering memorandum, email us at

Urban Greens is an anchor community business:

  • A leader in local sourcing
  • Dedicated to being inclusive: from leadership and hiring, to local food sourcing, to our Food For All program
  • Offering farmers market quality, 7 days a week

An opportunity to invest where you live and see your investment grow.

  • Minimum 2% annual interest rate
  • May redeem after 7 years at full value
  • May redeem after 12 years at 120% of full value
  • Interest accrues during any unpaid year


How much needs to be raised?
We want to raise an additional $300,000 through a community investment campaign. This will ensure the Co-op’s long term sustainability and provide critical flexibility to meet community needs.

Why community investment?
Community investments allow the Co-op to take on less debt and become the thriving and unique store we all envision.

When does the Co-op need the community capital?
NOW! We want to keep growing and staying financially strong.

This is not a donation. This is an interest-bearing investment that will help sustain Urban Greens. You’ll be able to walk into your investment, browse your investment’s shelves, and buy local food from farmers that your investment supports. Questions? Email us at or call us at 401-267-8432.

All potential investors should read the Offering Memorandum. Offers are made only by Offering Memorandum and other offering materials. Open to Rhode Island residents only.