Little Free Library example 1

Neighbors, members, and visitors alike! We are calling for your old cookbooks and favorite recipes to start our very own Books for Cooks “Little Free Library”!

You may have heard, seen or even shared a book with a Little Free Library. In fact, there are over 10 in Rhode Island including TF Green Airport. According to the nonprofit Little Free Library, the small, front‐yard book exchanges number more than 90,000 around the world in 85 countries — from Iceland to Tasmania to Pakistan. Now, a new Little Free Library at 93 Cranston Street Providence, RI 02907 will join the movement to share books, bring people together and create communities of readers.

On your next visit to the co-op, bring old cookbooks, books on food, or any beneficial topic to add to our Little Free Library. Urban Greens is a place for everyone and we feel the Little Free Library mission brings community, creativity, and education to our co-op. “It is our hope to create and celebrate your recipes for all to try. This is your co-op!,” says John Santos, General Manager.

For added involvement, mark your member number in the book or recipe page so we can highlight you when we make it for the hot bar. You can also send recipes to Let us know if you would like to make your recipe as a class, such as recent events Cooking with Kimchi, Cooking with Mushrooms, and upcoming Cooking Vegan with Paul.

As a result, we can appreciate the digital detox, we can get creative in building a recipe exchange now, seed exchange later, we can contribute to the world map, and most importantly we can cultivate a stronger, more connected neighborhood. We can’t wait to celebrate everyone’s recipes, passions, and skills!

To learn more about Little Free Libraries, please visit